Being a successful professional fiduciary is all about trust. Can we walk in our clients’ shoes, empathize with and honor their most important end of life decisions, represent their healthcare and financial wishes when they are unable to do so for themselves? Are we organized enough to handle all of the myriad details that are often involved in this work? Are we skilled and tough enough to fight through any adversity to achieve our clients’ goals and wishes? Will we be there when they need us?

"I have referred Jessica to clients all of whom immediately connected with her great personality, and each has commented that she is personable and responsive. As I have observed Jessica's career she has worked very hard in gaining the skills necessary to achieve an excellent reputation as a hardworking professional fiduciary. I now give her name with complete confidence to my estate planning clients"

Catherine Raye-Wong
Shareholder/Director and Vice President, AARON, RIECHERT, CARPOL & RIFFLE APC, Attorneys

Peninsula Fiduciary Services

I am sending “kudos” and “shout outs” your way. I want to thank you so much for all your help and love in taking care of my Aunt E’s affairs both prior and post her passing. You were always there with answers for the many questions I had. I appreciate how you continually kept me updated on all concerns. You are truly a trusting, dependable and compassionate person and excel in your professional skills.

 Most of all I consider you a dear friend who watched out for me. You went beyond your call of duty by assisting with hotel suggestions, transportation and friendship. My visit to San Mateo was a final good-bye to my Aunt at the end of her journey. You helped me find peace and closure. Thank you for all your services, both personal and professional.

Sending you blessings and love,


"Jessica is an excellent professional fiduciary who combines a caring personality with business-like organizational skills. She is patient, likeable and, of course, of sterling integrity - all essential characteristics for a professional trustee or conservator."

Colleen McAvoy
Attorney/Principal at McGlashan & Sarrail PC
Rest in Paradise, July 2, 1959 - May 21, 2016